Papiér Mâché Art

Hello and welcome to my papiér mâché art and sculpture website.  As you navigate around the various pages I hope that you will be able to feel my passion for the medium of papiér mâché which has allowed my inspiration to take form.  Everything I make is hand-made by me, so each piece is unique. Over the many years that I have been working on art and sculpture using papiér mâché, I have refined and expanded the range of techniques I use and have been able to learn to let the medium speak to me as I create.

I consider myself very fortunate in being able to partake of such a never-ending voyage of discovery.

I hope that you enjoy the pieces displayed here as much as I have enjoyed the creating and making of them.  If you want something you don't see here, please do get in  touch with me via the Contact page and we can talk about it.


a wonderful and unique artistic talent
excellent work
fabulous, hand-crafted papier mache crow
love at first sight